The reality of File History feature in Windows 8.

Comment on File History Feature

I would provide this as an evidence that upgrades in Windows world does not always mean getting better. But, don’t be relieved. The same came in the Mac world when Apple recently upgraded iWork to balance the desktop version with its web cousin.


My favorite tech journalist Paul Thurrott is finally out from a corporate life and about to begin new on his own.

Paul Thurrott's SuperSite for Windows

I left this comment on his reminiscence...


How a princess fought her fate, overcame her femininity and, finally, became a king. | IMDb

Elizabeth (1998)

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Last Thursday, Henry Edward Roberts, arguably the father of personal computer, passed away at the age of 68. He made an electronic kit named Altair 8800 in 1975. Soon the kit made two young men, moved from WA, popular.

Ed Roberts with Altair 8800

On the day he’s gone, the two, now in their 50s, memorized him here .

PHOTO: Computer History Museum


For a technology company, going on offense with software patents seems like an act of desperation, relying on the courts instead of the marketplace . . . suing a competitor typically makes them more relevant, not less.

Jonathan Schwartz , in his blog What I Couldn’t Say

Courier Lil’ New

Again, watch the video first. Already wide-spread, it shows a scenario with Courier device.

Courier in action

Some say it’s an another vaporware from the Redmond company. Is it? Look closer. The device in the video barely show any revolutionary. Each piece is clear and present technology. What looks truly amazing is the proper combination. Somewhere between OneNote and the following vision.

Future Vision

The thing is Courier looks almost away from the traditional, file-centric computing. And this approach was once tried and implemented by another player more than 15 years ago. It was the first device called PDA. Newton MessagePad wasn’t perfect. There was no connection, no camera, and of course no phone. However, it gave the world a new blossom of computing. I don’t remember who and where but it’s described as information-centric computing .

(EDIT: Read what happened later to the team that ignited Courier.)


I was finding a way to update my Facebook profile automatically with my tweets. Knew there was an official Twitter app to do that. After it failed several times, I turned to others.
Soon found an app called Smart Twitter, and it’s one of the few apps to help update Facebook profile. In addition, its description said it filters users’ tweets, so only messages, not replies or retweets, are shown. It seemed to work as described. Wait! Since most of my tweets are replies, it’s likely that my profile page will not be updated as frequently as I tweet.
Hmmm… Decided to leave a note here in a longer version whenever I write an important update on my Twitter. Anyway, it’s great to be back! (EDIT: Originally for Facebook Note)


I’ve been learning English conversation in YBM Kangnam Center · · at Seoul since March.
Even after months with native speakers in the class, I’m still suffering from my not-so-fluent English, especially in describing.

With a Lot of Money Comes Great Responsibility

(EDIT: In Sep. 2005 and Feb. 2006, nearly 50,000 and more than 200,000 identities each were stolen by a group located in China. All those identities have been registered to play Lineage , a massive online game from NCSoft. While people were witnessing countless articles and posts covering the case, I tailed the following comment to a disappointing column on ZDNet Korea.)

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How different this world looks in a man’s eyes who accidently did a wrong thing. The film tries to show how, following a mechanic. | IMDb

The Machinist

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