Recently, Sen. Dick Durbin (D-IL) of the United States visited my country. According to the press release from his office, he “wanted to get a sense for how the Trump Administration‘s aggressive stance and contradictory statements are being received with their key ally.”

Sen. Dick Durbin (D-IL)

Based on the news reports, on what he said after a meeting with top officials, it’s sure he heard something he couldn’t nod his head from the new government. In case he misjudged the heart of my country…

  • Senator, I’m very sorry you didn’t hear what you expected during your visit. Just like you, many—not enough many to win the election, though—people here also worry about where the THAAD case is going.
    As you may know, senator, South Korea’s current administration is under people in bad color. The others in friendly color are working on to get the country back on track. The day will come.

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PHOTO: © 2017 Sen. Dick Durbin

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Google Home with Assistant technology looks beyond impressive.

First and foremost, it gets exactly what it needs to succeed in this area: more partners. Second, it has climbed the exact mountain to expand its coverage: languages. Third, it sees the exact spot to be an essential not a luxury: intelligence, commerce and entertainment.

Larry Page’n’the Hood are moving a right step ahead.

io17 · GoogleHome

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Hey, Mister DJ!

Time is running out. If he can do it, he got to do it now. Here is my message—recent tweets, actually—to Mr. Donald J. Trump, the President of the United States.

  • Mr. President, stop wasting time! If you really want to get J. Kim of North Korea, trust me, it’s now or never. Let’s roll out! In case you and your team worry about some possible damage in South Korea, I could give you a reasonable, affordable, and actionable plan for American Forces to do it right.
  • Again, no more cry wolf, Mr. President! Your GO sign is the only option to save your Administration and people in free Korea.
  • Mr.President, are you thinking some kind of deal with Pyongyang? Oh, my… I didn’t know you don’t have balls. And, eyes too. Before monsoon season in the Peninsula, before the Presidential Election in South Korea… Let J. Kim hear the sound of freedom!


In this age of corporate, colored media, it’s hard for public to get the true picture.

Jaeyong Lee

The arrest of Jaeyong Lee—the vice chairman of Samsung Electronics and a grandson of its founder—is arguably a political action, not a judicial one. It aims ultimately at the President of the country. The special counsel, also politically appointed by the majority, had a scenario from the start, I’m sure.

Against this political maneuver, thousands of patriotic minds held the Taegeukgi Rally. More than a million across the country joined later. Every Saturday afternoon, at the heart of the capital city, they get together and cry SAVE THE PRESIDENT, SAVE OUR COUNTRY.

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Written History in Harm’s Way

Some people give too much weight to so-called the right to be forgotten. CNIL, a French institution, urged Google in Europe to obey their rules in not only France but also every other countries.

Appealing their position in the post below, the Page Boyz, with a few brothers in arms, jumped in a power game against the European authority. It’s not the first time for them to do this kind. They have troubled the government in my country with the digital map. Anyway, this time, I’m on their side.

Reflecting on the Right to be Forgotten

The right to be forgotten… Its face looks politically correct. But, its hand makes the web practically corrasive. Ultimately, it will put the modern-day written history in harm’s way.

CAPTURE: © 2016 Google, Inc.

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A typical Thurrott‘s work that I used to know but forgot for some time…

Thurrott on Windows Insider Program

From MSDN to Channel 9, and now to Windows Insider Program, surely, the Redmond Company has been pioneering in terms of communicating and building relationships.

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